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Welcome on a Business Parallel web-site!

Dear Friends and Partners!

Welcome on a Business Parallel web-site!

We are happy You are interested in our business services for international companies.

We are regional consulting company specialized on financial and business consulting located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

As we all know, nowadays there is a challenging period for all countries and businesses, so our mission is to provide best services in financial and business consulting for our clients’ growth and development. On our web-site You can learn more about our background and realized projects and our team.

Business Parallel is happy to propose business consulting services on Russian market.

Current economic situation in Russia is difficult, some even says about crisis. But as we all know, any crisis has two sides: risk on one hand and advantage on another.

We propose You to realize Your advantage!

Do business and profit, not politics and stereotypes!

How does it work?

In condition of national currency exchange rate fall, now it is the best moment to purchase Russian goods and of course there is not only oil and gas. Russia can offer a lot of world class industrial, constructional goods and equipment. Now you can provide your business with low cost materials, equipment or services to decrease your expenses and expand your business profitability.

What is you anvantage?

There are following ways for your development:

  • Purchase goods, equipment or services in Russia to sell, produce or build in other countries;
  • Localize part of your business (e.g. R&D department, Shared Service Center, etc.) in Russia as a low cost region with high quality staff;
  • Start-up a new business in Russia using value added world class technologies and low cost Russian resources.

We can help!

We know that in case of several reasons like language barrier, national legislation and country specific it is hard to know the market, find the best procurer and to provide best contract conditions. We can support You in this affair.

In case of purchase we can

  • consult You about specific of Russian market in interested market segment,
  • make a market research and prepare suppliers’ list with prices, terms and conditions of procurement,
  • take a part in negotiations with suppliers,
  • support the deal “from A to Z”.

In case of business department localization we can

  • organize “full-cycle-support” from your requirement to business processes implementation,
  • develop a project plan, business scheme description and after-project support.

In case of start-up business we can

  • develop a detailed project plan and business-plan for Your investors, banks or government support program,
  • make a market research,
  • provide an after-project support.

Our remuneration depends on complexity and quantity of services You need. We always can propose special conditions for loyal customers.

To contact us:

By skype: skvortsovaliudmila

By e-mail:

By tel.: 007 812 702 77 62
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